What are our raid times?

Benched Raid Times
Benched raids 7 days a week, but when we're feeling casual we cut back to the raid times listed below. PSA: Raid times are subject to being 15 minutes early (we have to say this to actually start on time), or 5 minutes late if Sherwin is finishing a world quest.
  • Monday 7:00 - 10:30 PST
  • Tuesday 7:00 - 10:30 PST
  • Wednesday 7:00 - 10:30 PST
  • Progression extensions will work as follows:
    • At the start / end of each tier we may add Thursday raids just to piss off Mack and to make sure Test misses the first kill after being in on all of progression. We may also extend raid times up to a half hour to keep up with the new tier race.

Is there an age requirement?

After recruiting Marwa, Benched has changed its position on recruiting players under 18. We're now an 18+ guild so if you have a bedtime you need not apply. The average age of our raiders is around the mid 60's. It would be much lower but Looshi really fucked up the curve.

How long is the trial process?

Our trial process is approximately 2 years long or whenever the GM remembers, whichever comes first (Don't believe us? Just ask Chris or Test. Also our warlock is literally named Trialforlife). During your trial process, you will be expected to make every raid and perform exceptionally well. Every night your logs will be reviewed for damage taken, dps/hps, and more and we will have meetings discussing your performance before raid, after raid, and mid pull on progression.

Is there an alt requirement?

We require you to maintain however many alts Sherwin is maintaining currently. For reference, at the moment he has 5 characters over 370 ilvl and has used 3 different ones in mythic progression, so that's the bar.

What are the loot rules?

Loot priority is GM > Officers > M-E-T-A Group > Anyone else. Want loot? Become an officer. Or work your way into the meta mythic+ group.

Which voice program do we use?

Here at Benched we use nothing but the best, so obviously we run Blizzard voice chat: the clearest, least laggy option for voice communication. Every raider is expected to have a functioning mic and must have their fans pointed straight at it so we can maintain maximum immersion during our wind tunnel RPing. In addition we run a music bot that plays nothing but the classiest of music during raid such as Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, Initial D and Kooky Spooky.

What do we do on our off time?

Diablo Immortal.

Do We PvP?

Fuck no.

What is our attendance requirement?

We have a strict 100% attendance requirement. No real life excuses will be accepted under any circumstance, we don't care about your life in the world of not warcraft. The only exception is if a new Destiny 2 expansion gets released, in which case we will take a 30 minute break to compelete all the new content.

What are we currently recruiting?

You're probably not good enough, but if you want to waste your time and get humiliated by our recruitment officer, please visit our current recruitment page.