Benched is the best, most competitive mythic raiding guild you've never heard of on the Horde side of the US-Boulderfist server cluster. We are a group of veteran players, hand picked from Method / Blood Legion / Exorsus and every member has been top 10 world raiders since Vanilla. Unfortunately we were held back from contending with Method this tier thanks to weak leadership unwilling to force their raiders to raid all day every day for 2 weeks. Well that, plus our resto druid trying to stand in every mechanic imaginable every pull to pad his Prydaz healing. We take pride in our extremely friendly community and push progression hard on a relatively light schedule SO THERE'S NO TIME FOR ANY FUCKING MISTAKES, WIPE US ONCE AND YOU'LL BE GKICKED ON THE SPOT.

Off Nights

There are no off nights, no days off. Do you think the legion takes nights off? No they don't, so neither do we. All our raiders are the most dedicated players on the planet. If you're offline for more then the 8 hours we ration per day for sleep / work / food, you'll be kicked. Also for the few hours when we don't raid, there are ALWAYS healers on for mythic plus with guildies.

What We're Looking For

We don't ask for much when we look for potential recruits, we understand no one is perfect. Basic things we require include 5000+ RaiderIO mythic+ score, 980 ilvl, full mythic clear of current tier, 99+% parse average, top 10 world raiding experience, ability to play any class/spec at top tier level, 6 alts at max artifact level and mythic raid ilvl, and a will to live.

Raid Times

Benched raids 7 days a week, but when we're feeling casual we cut back to the following raid times: Mon/Tues/Wed from 6:30 - 10pm PST (9:30 - 1am EST). PSA: Raid times are subject to being 15 minutes early (we have to say this to actually start on time), or 5 minutes late if Sherwin is finishing a world quest.

Does this all sound right up your alley? Apply here or contact Ellesmere in game - Ellesmere4#1455